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The list below contains the signing agreements for all 30 teams. Just like any free agent, whether it’s a major league free agent or an international amateur free agent, the signing agreements are all pending an officially signed contract, a physical and approval from the commissioner’s office.

At the request of several players’ families and teams, we will not be reporting the signing bonuses for any Venezuelan players at this time.

Baseball America will be updating the signing agreements throughout the day on this page. Scouting reports for the Top 50 prospects and other players who are signed today are available to BA subscribers at the links below. Note that a few of the Top 50 prospects are still 15 and are not eligible to sign until they turn 16, either later this month or in August.

Arizona Diamondbacks
Kristian Robinson, of, Bahamas (No. 9 prospect)
Jorge Barrosa, of, Venezuela (No. 44 prospect)
Neify Castillo, ss, Dominican Republic, $500,000.
Liover Peguero, ss, Dominican Republic, $475,000.
Sergio Gutierrez, c, Venezuela
Alex Valdez, rhp, Dominican Republic

Atlanta Braves
Asmin Bautista, of, Dominican Republic
Ramon Taveras, ss, Dominican Republic
Oscar Nunez, rhp, Dominican Republic, $185,000.
Geraldo Santana, of, Dominican Republic

Baltimore Orioles

Boston Red Sox
Daniel Flores, c, Venezuela (No. 2 prospect)
Danny Diaz, ss, Venezuela (No. 7 prospect)
Antoni Flores, ss, Venezuela (No. 35 prospect)
Nelfy Abreu, ss, Dominican Republic, $450,000.
Denny Daza, ss, Venezuela

Chicago Cubs
Florencio Serrano, rhp, Mexico (No. 29 prospect)
Luis Verdugo, ss, Mexico (No. 47 prospect)
Fabian Pertuz, ss, Colombia, $300,000.
Alexander Ovalles, of, Dominican Republic

Chicago White Sox
Jefferson Mendoza, c, Venezuela
Sydney Pimentel, ss, Dominican Republic, $300,000.

Cincinnati Reds
Ruben Paz, of, Cuba, $100,000.

Cleveland Indians
George Valera, of, Dominican Republic (No. 5 prospect), $1.3 million.
Aaron Bracho, ss, Venezuela (No. 17 prospect)
Jose Tena, ss, Dominican Republic, $400,000.
Wilfi Peralta, ss, Dominican Republic, $300,000.
Cesar Idrogo, ss, Venezuela
Marlin Made, of, Dominican Republic
Brayan Rocchio, ss, Venezuela

Colorado Rockies
Fadriel Cruz, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 33 prospect)
Jose Colon, ss, Dominican Republic
Eddy Diaz, ss, Cuba

Detroit Tigers
Alvaro Gonzalez, ss, Venezuela (No. 39 prospect)
Carlos Irigoyen, ss, Venezuela (No. 43 prospect)
Yonneiry Acevedo, ss, Dominican Republic, $300,000.

Houston Astros
Heitor Tokar, rhp, Brazil (No. 50 prospect)
Jairo Lopez, rhp, Venezuela
Jose Betances, rhp, Dominican Republic, $300,000.
Wilyer Abreu, of, Venezuela
Yefri Carrillo, of, Venezuela
Yimmy Cortabarria, of, Venezuela
Abraham Castillo, of, Venezuela
Ricardo Toro, c, Venezuela
Victor Coutinho, of, Brazil
Carlos Hurtado, c, Venezuela
Ricardo Leon, lhp, Venezuela

Kansas City Royals
Frank Herrera, ss, Venezuela
Jesus Reyes, ss, Venezuela

Los Angeles Angels
Trent Deveaux, of, Bahamas (No. 19 prospect), $1.2 million.
D’Shawn Knowles, of, Bahamas (No. 37 prospect)
Raidel Uceta, of, Dominican Republic, $500,000.
Jose Reyes, of, Dominican Republic, $425,000.
Willson Gomez, lhp, Venezuela
Jenrri Gonzalez, lhp, Venezuela

Los Angeles Dodgers
George Heredia, of, Dominican Republic, $300,000.
Amin Valdez, ss, Dominican Republic
Eddys Leonard, ss, Dominican Republic
Jhostin Chirinos, ss, Venezuela
Jorbit Vivas, ss, Venezuela

Miami Marlins
Ynmanol Marinez, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 18 prospect), $1.5 million.
Julio Machado, ss, Venezuela (No. 31 prospect)

Milwaukee Brewers
Carlos Rodriguez, of, Venezuela (No. 8 prospect)
Larry Ernesto, of, Dominican Republic (No. 26 prospect), $1.7 million.
Leonel Colina, rhp, Venezuela
Jeicol Cristian, of, Dominican Republic, $340,000.
Luis Valderrama, c, Venezuela
Davison Gonzalez, lhp, Venezuela
Juan Frias, of, Dominican Republic

Minnesota Twins
Jelfry Marte, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 13 prospect)
Luis Baez, of, Dominican Republic, $300,000.

New York Mets
Ronny Mauricio, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 3 prospect), $2.1 million.
Adrian Hernandez, of, Dominican Republic (No. 16 prospect), $1.5 million.
Stanly Consuegra, of, Dominican Republic (No. 40 prospect), $500,000.
Federico Polanco, ss, Dominican Republic, $325,000.
Eduardo Salazar, of, Venezuela
Patricio Diaz, of, Dominican Republic, $100,000.
Robert Colina, rhp, Venezuela

New York Yankees
Everson Pereira, of, Venezuela (No. 4 prospect)
Roberto Chirinos, ss, Venezuela (No. 20 prospect)
Anthony Garcia, of, Dominican Republic (No. 28 prospect), $500,000.
Stanley Rosario, of, Dominican Republic, $300,000.
Miguel Marte, ss, Dominican Republic, $200,000.

Oakland Athletics
Daniel Bautista, ss, Dominican Republic
Johan Paulino, ss, Dominican Republic, $300,000.

Philadelphia Phillies
Luis Garcia, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 12 prospect), $2.5 million
Carlos Vargas, rhp, Colombia (No. 25 prospect), $525,000
Carlos Betancourt, rhp, Venezuela (No. 41 prospect)
Cesar Rodriguez, c, Venezuela (No. 42 prospect)
Israel Puello, rhp, Dominican Republic, $460,0000.
Oscar Gonzalez, c, Venezuela
Cristian Hernandez, rhp, Venezuela
Alberto Torres, lhp, Colombia

Pittsburgh Pirates
Juan Pie, of, Dominican Republic (No. 45 prospect), $500,000.

St. Louis Cardinals
Adanson Cruz, of, Domincian Republic, $300,000.
Sander Mora, ss, Venezuela
Jesus Orrechia, c, Venezuela
Joerlin de los Santos, of, Dominican Republic, $250,000.
Darlyn Del Villar, ss, Dominican Republic
Leudy Pena, of, Dominican Republic, $300,000.
Jose Zapata, c, Venezuela

San Diego Padres
Manuel Partida, lhp, Mexico, $350,000.
Frank Lopez, rhp, Venezuela
Yeison Santana, ss, Dominican Republic, $300,000.
Luis Paez, ss, Dominican Republic, $300,000.
Cristian Heredia, of, Dominican Republic, $300,000.
Angel Solarte, of, Venezuela
Enmanuelle Guerra, ss, Venezuela
Matias Polanco, c, Venezuela
Edgar Martinez, rhp, Cuba, $300,000.
Jared Dale, ss, Australia, $300,000.

San Francisco Giants
Jean Pena, ss, Dominican Republic, $300,000.
Robert Gomez, of, Dominican Republic, $160,000.
Ivan Alexander Armstrong, rhp, Dominican Republic
Luis Torribio, ss, Dominican Republic, $300,000.
Yohan Polanco, of, Dominican Republic, $300,000.

Seattle Mariners
Julio Rodriguez, of, Dominican Republic (No. 6 prospect), $1.75 million
Juan Querecuto, ss, Venezuela (No. 21 prospect)
Brayan Perez, lhp, Venezuela
Yeuri Tatiz, rhp, Dominican Republic
Joseph Hernandez, rhp, Dominican Republic

Tampa Bay Rays
Wander Franco, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 1 prospect), $3.825 million.
Victor Munoz, rhp, Dominican Republic

Texas Rangers
Keyber Rodriguez, ss, Venezuela (No. 24 prospect)
Damian Mendoza, rhp, Mexico
Orcelis Gomez, rhp, Venezuela
Randy Florentino, c, Dominican Republic
Diosbel Arias, ss, Cuba
Derwin Barreto, ss, Venezuela
Angelo George, ss, Dominican Republic

Toronto Blue Jays
Eric Pardinho, rhp, Brazil (No. 14 prospect)
Miguel Hiraldo, ss, Dominican Republic (No. 23 prospect), $750,000.
Alejandro Melean, rhp, Venezuela (No. 32 prospect)
Leonardo Jimenez, ss, Panama (No. 36 prospect)
Alberto Rodriguez, of, Dominican Republic (No. 38 prospect)
Rainer Diaz, ss, Dominican Republic
Jose Rivas, ss, Venezuela

Washington Nationals
Karlo Seijas, rhp, Venezuela (No. 48 prospect)
Daniel Hernandez, ss, Venezuela
Ivan Murzi, c, Venezuela
Wilfredo Matos, ss, Dominican Republic, $300,000.
Franklin Turbi, c, Dominican Republic, $250,000.
Addiel Matias, 3b, Dominican Republic, $185,000.
Viandel Pena, ss, Dominican Republic, $135,000.
Yimi Carty, rhp, Dominican Republic, $110,000.
Eddy Yean, rhp, Dominican Republic, $100,000.
Bryan Pena, lhp, Dominican Republic, $100,000.
Christopher de la Cruz, of, Dominican Republic