Baseball is fun, but not as fun as doing Rubik’s Cube time trials in the stands – SB Nation

Baseball is really focused on getting kids more involved these days. Fancy stadium additions, more and more racing produce/meat products/guys in monotone masks, mascot shenanigans, etc.

It’s the sport with the most difficult fight against technology and the short attention spans of people of all ages, seeing as there’s lots of downtime and not every inning is an offensive jamboree that keeps people paying attention from minute to minute.

But kids are still going, even if they aren’t scoring the game themselves and memorizing player numbers or whatever the old guard would prefer kids do at baseball games.

There’s still that question of how young fans manage boredom though, and one kid found a non-technological way to do just that in Washington on Monday night.

Rubik’s Cube and some quick hands are no match for slow periods in baseball games, apparently.

Hopefully this kid does end up paying a bit of attention and enjoys the night out, but if they really don’t like baseball, the good news is they have a good shot at winning the Good Fine Motor Skills Championships of 2026.