Blue Jays not immune to baseball trick plays –

There have been some crazy story lines in Major League Baseball this season. From a no-hitter to Story-book outings, baseball fans have had a lot to enjoy. But what about some good old-fashioned trickery?

Sit back, relax and enjoy some of the most mischievous moves in baseball.

‘I got it!’

The Blue Jays fell victim to sabotage in 2007 when Yankees baserunner Alex Rodriguez called for the ball, causing confusion among Toronto’s fielders and royally peeving John McDonald.  

Now you see it, now you don’t

The major leagues aren’t the only place to find some trickery. High school pitcher Jarrett Olson of St. Bede Academy pulled the old hidden ball trick against Rockford Christian in the 2015 Illinois 2A state semifinals. Sidebar: Either his teammates are great actors, or he literally psyched everyone out.

Like a fine wine, the hidden ball tricks get better with age. Here are some of the best from the majors. 

Baseball or ping pong?

Think Joey Bats or the Bringer of Rain could pitch to themselves with this much ease?

Home stealer

Stealing home has always been one of the most impressive and risky plays in baseball, but this Gator clearly loves living on the edge.

Who needs tricks when you’ve got mad skills?

This past week, Yankees outfielder Aaron Hicks’s throw home to gun down Oakland’s Danny Valencia was measured at 105.5 miles per hour, faster than any player has ever been recorded throwing a baseball.

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