MLB Weekly Wrap: Some rumors, some trades, some baseball – Talking Chop

The MLB Weekly Wrap would not be the MLB Weekly Wrap if there was no Melvin Upton Jr. news to report over the week, as the man has gone from horrible, lovable Braves player to amazing, lovable player since leaving Atlanta.

He was traded from the San Diego Padres to the Toronto Blue Jays earlier in the week, and doesn’t he look great in a Toronto uniform?

There are going to be a multitude of trade rumors thrown out over the next few days leading up to the trade deadline on Monday afternoon, many of which will not come close to fruition. Some will involve the Braves, so keep eyes and ears opened. Moving on to other real baseball stuff…

Ok, now this is funny. The Twins‘ scoreboard operator got duped on Thursday, and put up two completely random trade rumors as fact onto the marquee in the outfield. Was it a fake Twitter account? Maybe a story that linked possible trade candidates to other teams? Either way, ouch.

The Indians trolled the Twins in about the best way possible.

Did Chase d’Arnaud kiss someone on Thursday night? It appears that way, even though he denies it.

EA Sports took their NHL game to the next level, by including this Jose Bautista bat flip in its celebration options. Ichiro Suzuki is still two hits away from 3,000 MLB hits, which is amazing.

The only other advice you should take is to buckle up. Maybe the Braves will make a big splash. Maybe they won’t. But for now, enjoy the fun that was baseball over the last week.