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Who’s ready to rip into some baseball cards? My “Opening 25-Year-Old Baseball Cards” video series is back for Season 2 with what I will say, in the least boastful way possible, is our best episode yet.

We’ve got Baltimore Orioles manager Buck Showalter joining us and he’s full of stories and quips. As proof that these videos can wind up anywhere, this one includes us talking about John Kruk’s Taco Bell order. Buck is also a shrewd baseball-card trader as you’ll see at the end of the episode, as I try to pry away a Deion Sanders card from him.

Buck Showalter was managing the Yankees in 1992 and we found some of his players. (Yahoo Sports)Buck Showalter was managing the Yankees in 1992 and we found some of his players. (Yahoo Sports)

With this new season of “Opening 25-Year-Old Baseball Cards” comes two noteworthy updates: We’ve got a spiffy new opening sequence and, since it’s a new year, we’re moved on to 1992 baseball cards. To be exact: 1992 Fleer. These are still from my garage, unopened boxes that my Grandma bought from Costco back in the day when we collected cards together.

You can expect new episodes of this series every week right here on Big League Stew. Upcoming guests include Clayton Kershaw, Aaron Boone, Dusty Baker and Cliff Floyd. If you missed any of the previous episodes, watch ‘em all below:

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