Pair of horses sweetens $50 million contract for baseball player Odor – MarketWatch

A true Texas Ranger needs to have a horse, right?

Rougned Odor apparently thought so—the second baseman signed a six-year contract extension with Major League Baseball’s Rangers on Thursday worth almost $50 million, but it was reportedly the addition of a pair of horses that sealed the deal.

The equine perk isn’t so crazy for Odor, 22, who was raised on a horse ranch in Venezuela and says he still rides every day in the off-season. It isn’t even the weirdest contract perk this year—earlier this month, former Boston Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez signed a deal to play in Japan that entitles him to unlimited sushi.

Dallas Morning News reporter Evan Grant broke the news of the new additions to Odor’s ranch.

The Rangers seemed happy to add to their stable of talent thanks to an addition to Odor’s stable.

No doubt Odor’s cowboy image will make him even more of a fan favorite in Texas. Odor started winning hearts and minds in the Lone Star state last year, when he batted .271, smacked 33 home runs and slugged Toronto’s Jose Bautista during a brawl.