Timing is everything at the NBC, yet time means little to baseball … – Wichita Eagle

Of all the statistics and numbers used in baseball, the ones associated with time have the least relevancy.

The scoreboard at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium doesn’t have a space for such numbers. It shows runs, hits and errors. It makes space for the inning-by-inning score below the balls, strikes and out indicator and even finds room to display the speed of each pitch thrown.

But there’s no room for a clock.

And the fact that baseball is the only major sport that doesn’t let a clock tell it when to end can be an issue when the NBC World Series has four games nearly every day for two weeks.

“It’s a challenge,” NBC general manager Kevin Jenks said. “The weather doesn’t bother me because we can deal with that, but it’s when you have teams and games that get pushed that makes it difficult.”