A dream and a reality, the 2028 Olympics give Los Angeles a chance to imagine its future – Los Angeles Times

When asked to explain the secret of Los Angeles on the eve of the 1984 Olympics, the late poet, novelist and fantasist Ray Bradbury broke it down, capturing the ingenuous advantage the city enjoyed as it was coming of age.

“L.A. is a conglomerate of small towns striving toward immensity and never making it, thank God,” he wrote. “We have no kings, queens, or courts, no real pecking order, no hierarchies to prevent those of us who care to lean into creativity from running loose in the big yard.”

With that creativity and freedom, he continued, “we have conquered the world and don’t have enough sense to know it. Maybe it’s just as well. With such knowledge comes arrogance. We are not arrogant yet, although I detect signs of it ….”

More than 30 years later, it is hard to imagine what Bradbury would make of last week’s announcement that Los Angeles will host the Olympics in 2028. The city today is approaching the immensity that he seemed wary of.