Boys swimming player of the year – Atlanta Journal Constitution

Why Northwestern: I had a lot of choices to make. UGA, UVA, Northwestern, etc. I did not even see Northwestern coming. I went on my trip, the last trip I took, as an official visit. I ended up making the decision because a lot of my family lives there and it is just a great campus and a great team. I feel like I could be a leader because we have no incoming sophomore class. So I will be the oldest on the team my junior and senior year. So I believe I could be a really great leader at Northwestern. The academics are outstanding, and I really thought it would be a great place to go and to get better. They’ve had an Olympian this year in long-distance events. So I feel like they are a good choice for me, training-wise. And like I said, the academics are outstanding. They have engineering which, combined with the arts, would be a really good choice. That is really all I had to decide on, and I figured it out pretty easily. Virginia had a pretty compelling argument though, but Northwestern is a really great school, so I am pretty excited.