Ellington Family Honoring Son With Hockey Rink, American Ninja Warrior Park – Hartford Courant

Even before he was born, Jacob Roger Poulin was destined to play hockey. His grandfather got him skates while he was “still in the belly,” and he held a hockey stick as soon as he could.

He seemingly had natural athletic talent, on skates at 18 months old, even before he began walking a month later. By age 3, he was swinging across monkey bars. His father, Steve Poulin described his athleticism as God-given talent.

“He played street [hockey], he played in the basement, he played downstairs,” Poulin said. “We built him a rink for a couple years, and he played outside. He actually used to play before school. He used to give himself hockey homework before school … he would sit there and shoot slap shots and wrist shots to get ready for the upcoming season.”

On April 2, 2016 everything changed. Jacob was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a brain tumor that affects only a few hundred children in the U.S. He battled for six months but died at the age of 5 on Oct. 1, his father’s birthday.