Gold medalist Aussie swimmer rips into Adam Scott for skipping Olympics –

How much money does Adam Scott need? (USATSI)
How much money does Adam Scott need? (USATSI)

You’ve likely never heard of Dawn Fraser unless you’re the wonkiest Olympics buff of all time. Fraser was an Australian swimmer who won four total gold medals at the 1956, 1960 and 1964 Olympic Games.

Why am I telling you about her? Well, she went all in on fellow Australian Adam Scott recently on her Facebook page. And I mean all in.

Very sorry to hear that Adam Scott cannot fit it into his schedule to play for Australia at the Olympics. Well done Adam. Great to put your country on hold so that you can fulfill your own schedule. How much money do you want in life? Not showing much for your country.

I guess working three jobs a week to secure my place as a Olympic swimmer has giver me the strength to say what I feel about sporstmen and women that do this. Well done Adam. May you enjoy your sport and the money you earn gives you great pleasure. I am still trying to survive at 78 years of age but a very proud Australian

Whooooooo … just fanning my flaming body over here after reading through that take. Scott, of course, is skipping Rio because this summer is an insane PGA Tour schedule, and he’s set on winning major championships, not gold medals.

Fellow Aussie Jason Day recently stood up for Scott.

“You can’t really get angry at golfers for saying that they’re going to pull out of the Olympics,” he said, “because it’s never been on our radar to ever win a gold medal.”

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