LA’s 2028 Olympics deal still needs City Council’s blessing – Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles city officials backed an agreement in January putting taxpayers on the hook for potentially hundreds of millions of dollars in cost overruns from the 2024 Summer Olympics, if L.A. were selected as host and unforeseen expenses arose.

Now that L.A.’s bid committee has negotiated terms with the International Olympic Committee to host to the 2028 Games — a deal trumpeted in a splashy event Monday at StubHub Center in Carson, one of the planned competition venues — officials must repeat the process and approve a similar financial guarantee to seal the bid.

City leaders say they expect to vote on the host city contract by late next week — a more accelerated process than the one for the 2024 bid.

The first step in the review is scheduled Friday, when the City Council’s Olympic committee will be briefed on the agreement.