Novak Djokovic: I am proud to be part of a clean sport –

Djokovic beat a glittering array of other nominees, including Lewis Hamilton and Usain Bolt, to the title. As he made his way up to the stage to receive his trophy, he made a point of embracing his coach, Boris Becker, who had earlier in the day insisted that any suggestion of his player being involved in doping was “disrespectful”. And Djokovic himself pointed out that his overwhelming domination of his sport was the result of hard labour and a balanced life rather than any recourse to the medicine cabinet.

“I’ve worked very hard to perfect my game, to get it to another level,” he said of his success since the first time he picked up the trophy in 2012. “I tried to keep myself healthy with the lifestyle I’ve had. The last couple of years everything came together, not one particular thing, it is a very holistic approach to life and sport that has brought me to where I am.”