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rantnrave:// I remember Tiger Woods at the top of his game. He was the epitome of cool. His game has fallen. His profile has diminished. His star has faded. But stories like Sean Zak’s oral history of the 1997 Masters remind you of the echelon Woods occupied all to himself. Is there anyone playing at this year’s Masters who will have this kind of legacy 20 years from now? Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth are the new headliners but that doesn’t mean they will be generational stars like Woods. That’s why golf is still so desperate for Woods. … Some fans are so upset about MLB caps now having the New Era logo on the side that they’re stripping it off themselves. Baseball should be happy its fans are so zealous about preserving tradition. But it’s doubtful New Era will be. Also featured in Uni Watch’s 2017 MLB uniform preview: matte black helmets, the official sock of MLB and All-Star Game jerseys. … Bill Foley privately funded the stadium for the NHL’s new Las Vegas team, and he’s unhappy the Raiders are getting $750 million in public money. It’s understandable but it’s rare to see owners criticize other teams for receiving free money. Is he angry he wasn’t offered the same sweet deal? Or is the gulf between the NHL and NFL so wide it never would have been on the table anyway? The Raiders’ move to Vegas is already far from smooth. … A fascinating look by the Riverfront Times’ Caitlin Lee at the murky ownership group trying to raise money from taxpayers to fund an MLS stadium in St. Louis. … NBA players on Tinder, according to Conan O’Brien. … MLB logos on diapers? It’s a thing. Are you getting these for your child because the Yankees are your favorite team or because you hate them? Note to pro sports teams: Just because you can license your IP doesn’t mean you should. … Lululemon: Buy or sell?

1997 Masters: An oral history of the Tiger Woods’ first major title

Tiger Woods won his first Masters 20 years ago. For those who were there, and millions who watched from home, it is one of the most memorable ever.
Sean Zak | Golf

What the Raiders’ move to Vegas means for the push to legalize sports betting

Gambling advocates believe the NFL’s embrace of Sin City could help advance their efforts in Congress and the courtroom.
Travis Waldron | The Huffington Post

Uwe Rösler interview: Playing behind the Iron Curtain

Renowned for its liberalism, Brussels would now accommodate an international friendly of polar ideologies. Belgium versus East Germany was the final game for the “Politicians in Tracksuits.” The reluctant sporting representatives of the enclaved GDR had been summoned for a final demonstration of a regime in the midst of combustion.
Jake Trelease | The Set Pieces

What is really gained by losing the intentional walk?

Lip service changes such as this are unlikely to have the desired effect.
David G. Temple | The Hardball Times

Inside the mind of Warriors defensive stopper Draymond Green

So much for buzzer-beaters. Green has won multiple games with his suffocating defense.
Sam Amick | USA Today


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