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Tickets are not selling for the Summer Olympics in Brazil

Brazil may not be as ready to host the 2016 summer Olympics as you might expect. Stadiums are unfinished, setups aren’t organized and only half the tickets for all events have been sold.

So what’s the deal? The country is going through its worst recession in 25 years, so it’s possible that Brazilians don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on attending the games. Politically, things are messy, too. There’s currently a movement to impeach the president, who was involved in a corruption scandal and has only a 10% approval rating.

Aside from Brazil’s issues, the international fear of crime and terrorism has risen — however, to try to put attendees at ease, Brazil plans to use twice the amount of security agents that were used in London for the 2012 games.

So what is the nation going to do to increase attendance this summer? Watch the video above to find out!

See photos of Brazil below:

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