A time limited demo lets you try the GT Sport campaign, arcade, and sport modes right now – Telegraph.co.uk

Ahead of its release in just over a week, you can try out GT Sport right now: a time-limited demo is letting players have access the “main features” of GT Sport for the next few days, with some of what you unlock during the demo carrying over to the main game.

Starting earlier today, at 10:00 am BST on October 9, the demo is only running until 4:00 pm BST on October 12, giving you just a few days to get stuck in. Here’s everything you need to know about GT Sport’s demo.

Where do I download the GT Sport demo?

You’ll have to go through the PlayStation Store to access the GT Sport demo. If you’ve enabled the ability to start a download on your PS4 from your PC, you can start it as a Full Game Trial on the PlayStation Store page. If not, you’ll need to go on to your PS4, open up the Store, and search for it manually there.

What can I do in the GT Sport demo?

The Sport, Campaign, and Arcade modes are all playable from the start of the demo, letting you dive right in. Sport mode is a rather traditional affair, where you’ll be challenged to get the fastest lap possible, then face off against other drivers with your position determined by your lap time. Campaign mode, on the other hand, is all about missions and objectives that push you towards harder and harder to achieve goals. Completing these can unlock cars, earn in-game currency, and net you experience points. Finally, Arcade mode lets you jump in to races on three specific tracks: it’s the mode to choose if you just want to get started.