Callaway shows what’s wrong with college sports – Orlando Sentinel

If you want to see what’s wrong with big-time college sports, cast your eyes toward Gainesville.

There you have a football player who has no interest in being in college, and a college that is keeping him around against all of its best interest.

All except one, of course: Winning football games.

Neither party wants to be in their current positions, but this is how the system operates. And it’s not going to change no matter how many joints Antonio Callaway smokes or how many do-gooders say he should be kicked out of school.

How do I know he doesn’t want to be in college?

Because most college students, when faced with the possibility of getting kicked out of school, do everything they can to avoid that solution.

Most college students who want a degree, that is.

But here we have a young man who apparently can’t help dancing on the edge of the cliff. Incident No. 1 came as a freshman in 2016, when Callaway was accused of sexual assault.