Ch. 7’s Cheryl Scott on sports, weather, Cubs and her athletic past – Chicago Tribune

WLS-Ch. 7 meteorologist Cheryl Scott hosts the Fire’s Soccer and Style Fashion Show on Wednesday at ROOF on the Wit, where players such as Bastian Schweinsteiger will act like runway models to raise money for disadvantaged children in the Chicago area. Scott talked to Inc. about being a big fan of Chicago sports and her own background as an athlete.

On mixing weather and sports

What I love to do is look at the forecast and look at the games and say, OK, in my head, let’s plan this out. Let’s look at the players on the field: What are they known for doing well? What’s going to be a factor to hold them up a little bit or slow them down? Is it going to be an extremely high wind game? Is it going to be raining? … I created this little segment called “Weather the Odds,” usually during football season but also applies to some baseball as well. … Some people might like for baseball if we have winds out of the southwest blowing out at Wrigley (Field) at 20 (to) 25 mph, that’s going to make that ball fly about 20, 30 feet farther, which could be the difference between outfield or a home run. … But if you’re a pitcher, you’re not happy about it. It’s harder to throw to home plate against those high winds.

On that Instagram picture with Patriots owner Robert Kraft