Chinese Super League Football on Sky Sports: TV review –

I’m not saying one is necessarily aquiver with excitement about watching Obafemi Martins play football but, footballers, like any supra-national amoral corporate entity, will go where the money is. There’s no reason to suppose that today’s quite good-ish Colombians might soon be, say, James Rodriguez, and then it’s a hop, skip and a lorry land of cash to yer Neymars. 

And thirdly, the football is of a good standard, and suited to British  tastes. Both matches were crackers, a 3-2 and 3-3, some eccentric  officiating decisions, an elbow to the face where the perpetrator was  outraged to get a yellow, a couple of brilliant thwacking strikes,  late dodgy penalties. They featured direct, no-nonsense football,  largely homegrown defenders, lots of running around and passion, and a  smattering of more talented foreigners to do the fancy dan passing and  dribbling and such. Basically, it’s the Premier League, and Chinese  football is probably here to stay.