David Cameron filmed ‘jumping the queue’ to purchase socks in JD Sports – The Independent

David Cameron has been filmed appearing to jump the queue in JD Sports in order to purchase a pair of socks.

The former British Prime Minister could be seen taking a multi-pack of white socks to the checkout before realising he had taken the wrong size.

The Conservative, who has kept a relatively low profile since leaving Downing Street, then walked back to the clothing rack to swap the socks before heading back to the cashier desk. 

Flanked by two bodyguards and looking somewhat out of place, he then appears to push past a queue of almost a dozen shoppers who are patiently waiting to pay.

In a video shared by a fellow shopper, voices in the background can be heard saying: “Is that David Cameron?”

The shopper who filmed the seeming special treatment then approaches Mr Cameron and his security and says “you can’t push me”, telling them JD Sports is a “public place”.

Mr Cameron’s body guard responds by saying “nobodies pushing you” before the former world leader himself says “I think we have to skip this”.

People mocked the incident on Twitter, with esteemed anthropologist David Graeber quipping: “Lo how the mighty hath fallen”.

“You are nobody now. To the back of the queue!” said Keiron Andrew.

“Typical Conservatives as David Cameron ‘jump the queue’ to buy budget socks in JD Sports,” added another.

Mr Cameron, who was recently spotted dining with Boris Johnson in Harlem, has started a lucrative speaking tour in America since the end of last year. He has not been forced to announce the fees gained for the tour because he resigned as an MP after leaving number 10.  

The former PM, who is the new President of dementia charity Alzheimer’s Research UK, recently forked out £25,000 on a so-called “luxury hut” in his garden in the Cotswolds. He plans to use the outhouse to pen his memoirs about his time as Prime Minister. Since leaving Downing Street, he has also said he is spending time rediscovering his penchant for game shooting.