Glendora’s two-sport standouts are coming through – Los Angeles Times

Glendora baseball Coach Dan Henley has football Coach Jerry Lewallen as an assistant coach, so it comes as no surprise that the Tartans have four football players making major contributions on the diamond this season.

On Saturdays, there’s even an occasional football on the baseball field. And why not? There’s two quarterbacks on the team: Bryce Wooldridge was the varsity starter and freshman Jacob Gonzalez led the 10-0 freshman team.

“We’re baseball-football guys,” Henley said. “We enjoy sharing guys.”

Glendora’s athleticism has helped translate to a 19-4 start in baseball. Gonzalez is one of the top freshmen in Southern California. He’s batting .408 as a starting third baseman. He’s 6 feet 1 with lots of poise.

“So far, you could say he’s as good as anybody I’ve had as far as how he’s competed and the numbers he’s put up,” Henley said.

Another freshman, Cade Marshman, was the standout running back on the freshman football team. He’s batting .344. Wooldridge is hitting .380 with nine doubles. He also plays basketball, making him a three-sport athlete. Another football player, safety Brock Welte, is hitting .317.

So if you see a football being thrown around on Saturdays, don’t look shocked.

“We applaud that,” Henley said of his multisport athletes.