Governing bodies review policing at sports events after warnings over security risks to families –

David Videcette, a former counter-terror detective who helped lead the police’s response to 7/7, told The Telegraph there was an “extremely high risk” of a sporting event being similarly targeted.

“You’ve only got to go to any stadium or any sporting event and look at the way that people spill out onto the streets and the way they disperse and move about after the event’s finished,” he said.

Chris Eaton, an ex-federal agent with the Australian Federal Police who later became head of security at Fifa, added of a potential attacker: “Undoubtedly, they’re looking for the logjam; they’re looking for the bottleneck where people are exiting from any venue.”

Videcette urged the authorities to extend the security cordon around sporting venues when they are in use, as is standard practice during Olympic Games, World Cups and European Championships and will be the case for the Champions League final in Cardiff a week on Saturday.