‘I hope your boyfriend beats you,’ and other mean tweets to female sports reporters – Chicago Tribune

Just Not Sports, a podcast founded by three guys who talk to athletes about their lives outside athletics, approached Julie DiCaro, update anchor for 670 The Score and columnist for CBSChicago.com, with an idea: They’d find a group of real guys (not actors), give them some of the nastiest tweets DiCaro had received, and let the guys read them aloud to DiCaro’s face.

“They wanted to do something they thought would actually make a difference when it comes to how women are treated online,” DiCaro told me Tuesday night, after spending the day watching her video go viral and capture the attention of everyone from comedian Amy Poehler to author Brene Brown to ESPN host Bomani Jones.


The video, produced by Just Not Sports and One Tree Forest Films, features a handful of men reading vile comments to DiCaro and SportsCenter reporter Sarah Spain. DiCaro and Spain saw the comments before the cameras were rolling; the men had not.