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WASHINGTON — Resting fewer than 150 miles from one another along the Eastern Seaboard, Washington and Philadelphia are natural sports rivals. Their professional teams share a division in baseball, football, hockey and soccer, and a conference in basketball.

So it’s no surprise that, at times, tempers have boiled over both on the field and in the stands. We’ve taken a half dozen of the most memorable such occasions and ranked them, from least contentious to most.

Simply because these events happened in different sports doesn’t isolate them from one another. Because while the athletes may not cross over, the fans most certainly do. And the shared animosity between the two cities’ sports collectives bleeds from one season to the next. The rivalries are certainly more pronounced in certain sports, especially the three represented in our list.

The Wizards and Sixers have been downright civil in comparison, although if this Markieff Morris flagrant 2 in the teams’ final matchup this season is a sign of things to come, that may not be the case for long.

Flip through the games and let us know if we left any notable moments off the list.

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