1 Set of 3 Dart Flights – 7705 – V-Wing Hells Gate Skeleton Flights

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Product Description

It is always good to buy 2 sets of the same dart flights. When you ruin a flight you can just pull 1 flight out of your new pack. This way you extend the life of your flights by 3 times and are not playing with mix-matched flights. "V-Wing" shaped flights feature a unique shape which increases airflow over the center section while creating added lift from the outer wings. This superb aerodynamic concept is ideal for steel & softip players alike. Dart Brokers is a proud distributor of these superior quality flights. Check our Amazon Seller ID - Dart Brokers - to access over 6000 dart related items at the lowest prices. FREE SHIPPING ON ALL ITEMS!!! Dart Brokers ships next business day. We are one of the largest distributors of Darts, Billiards and Poker supplies in the U.S.A. We stock over 16,000 unique dart items with a retail value of over $8 million in stock.

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