Performance 6 Star Ping Pong Paddle Set – Professional Table Tennis Racket Kit with Durable Rubber – Four Blades with Eight Ping Pong Balls

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  • BUILT TO LAST - You will love your Sabu kit, and it's backed by a 100% paddle replacement policy. We know the paddles are high quality, and are happy to back that statement up.
  • PERFECT FOR ANY SKILL LEVEL - Four 6 Star Paddles, Eight 3 Star balls, One Carry Case. A great kit for any skill level or a family.
  • INCLUDES EIGHT (8) BALLS - This kit comes with eight of the highest quality balls we could find! Be confident you have the right gear for the game.
  • PARTY GAMES AND RULES E-BOOK - Included with your purchase is the Sabu "Party Games and Official Table Tennis Rules" E-Book. Perfect reference for beginners learning the game, or anyone looking to play some fun and unique party games.

Product Description

Finally! High Quality Paddles backed by a 2 Year Warranty!!

2 Year warranty you say? Impossible....HOW?

Sabu is committed to quality. Paddles and balls are manufactured to the highest standard, and we expect them to last. Whether you're a regular player, or a family that plays occasionally, you will have confidence in your Sabu paddles.

High Performance Rackets

Sabu rackets are designed to offer advanced performance above recreational paddles with great ratings for speed, spin, and control. The lightweight design is perfect for children or advanced players alike. Play for hours without getting tired!

WARNING: Paddles will make you better than your friends, they may want your paddles

The Only Kit you'll need

The set includes (8) Three-Star 40-millimeter balls, (4) Six-Star Rackets, and a Carry-Case. You also get a free 2-Year warranty and E-Book. The paddles are perfect for a family or friends.

Wait, we almost forgot the best part: FREE Party Games and Rules E-Book!
These games are proven to liven up any party.

Have you ever been playing table tennis and thought "What game could we play with 7 people?" or "I don't think you served the ball properly, what is the rule on that?" We have the solution! And it's included with your purchase. "Official Rules and Party Games" by Sabu gives you various games to play with 2-10 people, all tested by the staff at Sabu! Never have to wait your turn to play again!

P.S. It's also the most stylish paddle you'll find - ANYWHERE Phew...enough reading! You deserve some fun! Click Add to Cart NOW for endless Table Tennis enjoyment!

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