Ping Pong Paddle – Table Tennis Racket Blade for beginners, intermediate and advanced players with Carrying Bag and Wristband / Handband

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  • ❤️BENEFITS❤️ - You won't find this type of quality at this price at no one else ❗DISADVANTAGE❗- This ping pong paddle is NOT FOR PROFESSIONALS! BUT FOR BEGINNERS, INTERMEDIATES and ADVANCED PLAYERS!
  • ❤️Promotional bundle: Ping Pong Paddle + Case + Wristband + EXTRA GIFT✅
  • ❤️60 days Warranty! We believe in our product and because of this we offer you 100% risk-free. Satisfaction guarantee to let you buy with confidence; no questions asked. However, we are confident in our products an we are sure that you will love them and will always be glad to have made the decision of buying it. PACKED and PROTECTED by the most premium box on the market = SAFE TRANSPORT ✅
  • ❤️STRONG ADHESIVE - now you have to fear less about rubber = NO PEELING OFF ✅
  • ❤️HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: 5 wood layers ✓ the premium rubber ✓ sponge 2.0 thickness✓ sticked with strong glue ✓ and also their assembly as well as all small details make us unique, make us better. HIT-PRO table tannis racket = IT HELPS YOU TO GET THE NEXT LEVEL IN TABLE TENNIS GAME

Product Description


This table tennis paddle is the best choice, that once entered the fascinating world of table tennis, to improve your the gameplay.

The table tennis racket HIT-PRO is equipped with a latest generation handle, rounded, which has an ergonomic design that adapts instantly to the player's hand .

Because of the 2.0 mm of premium rubber thickness, the table tennis paddle HIT-PRO is ideal for everyone's table tennis game, for both, boys and girls; for beginners, intermediate and advanced players too.

Also the case of the paddle is designed to give a high protection.

✓ After countless measurements, calculations and tests, we've come to the conclusion that table tennis racket HIT-PRO has the perfect weight and characteristics, which helps improve everyone's game, making it a 6 stars product.

The paddle is made of performant materials, specially conceived and adapted, containing 5 layers of wood, plus a 2 mm sponge and a highly adhesive premium rubber. The cone-shaped handle is custom made to ensure a better control and a safer grip.

✓We've considered the fact that, in order for a player to be able to improve his table tennis game, he must be in possession of all accessories, that may help him achieve this, so, we offer a full set of accessories, as well as a wristband and a protective case.

The HIT-PRO armband is sweat-absorbing and offers stability to the player's wrist as well as a professional look. In order to protect this valuable package, our ping pong-paddle has a premium protective case , custom made for this HIT-PRO 6 star table tennis raquet.

✓ Our tennis table racket can be offered as a gift as well, as we've packed it in the most premium box on the market, with an attractive design.

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