Ping Pong Paddle – Table Tennis Racket Blade for beginners, intermediate and advanced players with Carrying Bag and Wristband / Handband

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  • ⚡⚡⚡ BENEFITS ⚡⚡⚡
  • Promotional bundle: RACKET + CASE + WRISTBAND ✓
  • PACKED and PROTECTED by the most premium box on the market = SAFE TRANSPORT✓
  • STRONG ADHESIVE - now you have to fear less about rubber = NO PEELING OFF ✓
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS: 5 wood layers ✓ the premium rubber ✓ sponge 2.0 thickness✓ sticked with strong glue ✓ and also their assembly as well as all small details make us unique, make us better. HIT-PRO ping pong paddle = IT HELPS YOU TO GET THE NEXT LEVEL IN TABLE TENNIS GAME

Product Description

#1 This table tennis paddle is the best choice , that once entered the fascinating world of table tennis, to improve your the gameplay.

The table tennis racket HIT-PRO is equipped with a latest generation handle, rounded, which has an ergonomic design that adapts instantly to the player's hand .

Because of the 2.0 mm of premium rubber thickness, the table tennis paddle HIT-PRO is ideal for everyone's table tennis game, for both, boys and girls; for beginners, intermediate and advanced players too.

Also the case of the paddle is designed to give a high protection.

✓ After countless measurements, calculations and tests, we've come to the conclusion that table tennis racket HIT-PRO has the perfect weight and characteristics, which helps improve everyone's game, making it a 6 stars product.

The paddle is made of performant materials, specially conceived and adapted, containing 5 layers of wood, plus a 2 mm sponge and a highly adhesive premium rubber. The cone-shaped handle is custom made to ensure a better control and a safer grip.

✓We've considered the fact that, in order for a player to be able to improve his table tennis game, he must be in possession of all accessories, that may help him achieve this, so, we offer a full set of accessories, as well as a wristband and a protective case.

The HIT-PRO armband is sweat-absorbing and offers stability to the player's wrist as well as a professional look. In order to protect this valuable package, our ping pong-paddle has a premium protective case , custom made for this HIT-PRO 6 star table tennis raquet.

✓ Our tennis table racket can be offered as a gift as well, as we've packed it in the most premium box on the market, with an attractive design.

Product Detail

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