T&R sports Set of 57″ Cue Stick with Cross & High Bridge Head

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  • Package includes 2 cues and cross & high spider rest heads.
  • Heads are made of durable copper plating metal.
  • Cues are 2-piece center joint and real wood/timber core
  • Adds the luxurious look to your billiard table.
  • A bridge is typically used when using your hand as a bridge doesn't provide the optimal angle, or when a shot is too far for you to reach.

Product Description

Rest heads are made with a sharp thread that cuts into the shaft and pulls the rest head tightly into place. If necessary carefully use a utility or modeling knife to trim the shaft end down to size. Thread the rest head clockwise into place. There should be no need to force the rest head on, if it is too tight remove and trim a little more and then re-fit.

Product Detail

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